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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is as simple as our tag line:  “Where learning is fun ”.  Creative Kids Preschool and Child Care provides a warm, caring, balanced environment, where fun, laughter and song are blended with active, exciting and creative learning.  We pride ourselves in establishing a positive initial school experience that a child will carry throughout his or her life.  Our main goal is to support and assist each child in their developing a positive self-image and respect for others.  To accomplish this, each child is treated with love, encouragement, acceptance, and respect for his or her individuality.  We feel learning should be pressure free and fun to do.  We believe this type of instruction creates excitement and interest in the child to learn that initiates a positive attitude towards school.  Creative Kid’s environment and curriculum are designed to encourage a child’s learning potential through the exploration of different themes, literature, art, science, math, and music in teacher/student directed, one on one, and group activities.  Each child has his or her own individual needs and interests, wherein Creative Kids strives to fulfill these needs and interests by teaching each child at his or her own developmental maturity level.  Furthermore, we believe creative play is one of the most effective ways for children to learn about themselves, others, and their ever-changing world.

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