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Dear Jeannette and Pat,
    Thank you for the past two wonderful years of preschool at Creative Kids.  Out daughter has truly enjoyed her time with you.
    The time, patience, effort and love you dedicate to the children (and their families) is unsurpassed.
    We are amazed at what you've been able to teach Lauren.  You have provided her with a love of learning and a great foundation to be a lifelong student.  You have also been the "centerpiece" for making friends - both for our daughter and our family.  We have enjoyed being part of the Creative Kids "community."
    As a mom, I have truly loved being able to volunteer at the school.  All of the kids have brought a smile to my face.  It has also given me great appreciation for your dedication as teachers.
    We feel so blessed to have found Creative Kids and you both will hold a special place in our hearts.  We look forward to visiting and having our other daughter as a student there in a few years.
    With fond memories and appreciation,
        A and M

Jeannette and Pat,
    Thank you again for another fun-filled summer.  My daughter had a great time learning, playing, swimming and going on adventures.  You guys are great!
Dear Jeannette and Pat,
    Wow, it's been 12 years!  Thank you for helping us care for our children during this time.  They and we knew you were a home away from home. Even though they won't be in your care any longer, I know they will always feel safe, welcome, and cared for you you .
Thank you,
Dear Jeannette and Pat,
    Thank you for all of the years you have dedicated to teaching my friends and I.  I feel as though Creative Kids was my home away from home.  I always felt welcome and as though I belonged there.  I have so many good memories from Creative Kids that I will cherish for the rest of my life.  Once again, thank you.
Dear Jeannette and Pat,
    You both have become like second family to me.  You've always made me feel more than comfortable to come to you, ask you, talk to you, and trust you with anything and everything!  I just really want to thank you so much for being such amazing people and giving me the opportunity to work for you both.  The things you do at Creative Kids and the length you go for those children is inspiring!  I have learned so much here and truly enjoyed working for you!  I am sad to think of leaving but I know we'll stay in touch and I'll come visit every chance I get.  Once again thank you for everything, I'll never forget it!
    Love always,
       Assistant Teacher J

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